Fellow developers,

I’ve been a ruby developer for a little more than 10 years or so and have a stack of projects that I’ve been intending to get to but haven’t made the time to follow through with.

After reading several posts on this list regarding the challenges new developers face when finding their first real programming job, an idea for an experiment arose:

Mentor a small group of new programmers in developing open source code and develop the stack of projects as representative work for future employers. The idea attempts a symbiosis creating a broader area of work to show to potential employers while also building some cool products.

I’m envisioning two to four pairing teams to work together on some very specific pieces of the development. About once a week or so, get together in person to discuss what has been done and define the next areas of work. We would implement common team practices (group chat, pull requests etc) in order to gain more familiarity with the process of developing good software.

This experiment is still being developed but has the following goals:

Learning Objectives For All Participants:

Learning Objectives Specific Backend Developers:

Learning Objectives Frontend Developers:

The products being built would have to satisfy the criteria:

If this sounds interesting, please let me know by filling out this form.